LEE – Linked Energy Equalizer

Our business model

is an intelligent, self-regulating power grid, without a central entity. We implement local grids which are operated independently from each other. Similar to a swarm of bees, the control and regulation of such a system is carried out by every prosumer under regards of the power grid.

  • In phase one we do Local Grid Management in the present regulatiories.

  • In multi storey residential constructions with tenant electricity models

  • In single- and multi family households and commercial enterprises by means of optimizing self consumption and sector coupling.

  • Peakshaving and peak shifting for power tariffs

  • In phase two we connect the Local Grids. LEE is now part of the smart grid an stabilizes the power grid. 

  • Peer to Peer trade form locally produced green energy

  • Power grid cost optimizations

  • Guarantee of origin for traded energy

we stand for a reliable energy transition with a scalable and affordable plug and play product.

Unique solution

Our solution for the energy sector is collective intelligence for power grid stabilisation (Local Grid Management) and energy trading via distributed ledger technologies for example Blockchain.

We connect the present physical power grid with tomorrow’s digital energy trading markets.

The power grid friendlier energy is produced, consumed and transported, the higher are the revenues and savings for the prosumers.

We design solutions that allow the end users to benefit the power grid with a scalable and affordable plug and play product.



Alexander Netzer Business development, marketing, hardware

As a trained communication and electrical engineer, he specialised in the sectors renewable energy and energy management.  He also completed an MBA programme in general management.  He brings many years of experience in project management, in project planning and in the execution of household energy systems to the table.

As founder and inventor, he is the driving force in LVC. His main responsibility is team building and the distribution of responsibilities.


Emanuel Gstach Sales, building technology

Owner ee-Consult, Frastanz/AT with seat in 6820 Frastanz, AT

With 35 years of experience in building technology, his engineering firm has been very successful in energy optimisation of industrial processes and building technology for 10 years. 

Emanuel guides companies with regards to distribution and market launch of innovative products and services with the skill of a professional salesman.


Robert Walter Data protection expert

Owner innova-it GmbH with seat in 6712 Thüringen, AT.

As a trained information technology engineer and independent entrepreneur in the IT sector, he brings many years of experience and know-how in the fields data protection, data back-up and IT-administration to the table.

On the basis of his extensive training that covers his activities in the IT-sector as well as the subject data protection with a number of certifications (such as certified data protection officer), Robert Walter advises our team in these delicate matters.

David Burtscher Sales & Business Development

Experienced sales and business development professional with substantial international experience. Accomplished in developing new service offerings for new markets and distribution networks.



Stefan Wilker Software engineering, networking Vienna

Researcher at the Institute for Computer Technology at TU Vienna, division energy & IT 

His main tasks are architectural development, system interaction and interactive visualisations for data analysis.  His experience in production companies and software distribution developed his interdisciplinary understanding of the issues and requirements to software solutions.  

As a result of his research in smart grids, Stefan Wilker is up-to-date with state-of-the-art developments in science and economy and provides the cooperative with the latest findings.


Philipp Büchel Blockchain expert, networking Liechtenstein

Owner Blockchainbüro Liechtenstein with seat in 9491 Ruggell, FL 


Matthias Vallaster Cooperative expert

Head of department at Liebherr Werk GmbH, AT

Initially active as a purchaser and controller in the divisional management steel construction, he soon took over responsibility for investment and organisational projects. He worked in quality assurance and took on the role as a plant engineer before returning to production as head of department. Matthias manages an annual average of approx. 80 employees in two- to three-shift operation.

As a non-sector member and expert in the fields “procurement, investment and production” he brings fresh ideas and approaches to the cooperative.